Does anyone else feel like their arms are coming unglued when they sneeze? It's a wildly uncomfortable feeling, and usually, shortly afterwards, I have to lie down from the pain and exhaustion of that sneeze. It's not every sneeze, just the really big ones.

I cooked all weekend. I tried several times to make monster cookies but every time they ran all over the cookie sheet and into the oven and set the fire alarm off...and then they wouldn't come off the pan. They taste really good...but they aren't the way they are supposed to be. My aunt is going to try to make some tomorrow from the same recipe and see if she has the same problem. I also made star shaped tea-cakes, and salmon patties. I have done dishes 6 times. This may very well be a personal record.

Justin and I are now the proud owners of a table and four chairs. We don't really know where to put them as we don't have a dining room, for now the table and two chairs are in the kitchen and the other two chairs are in the living room. I like them though. They are purple.

We also got a full length mirror. I'm going to have to move it as I'm terrified of mirrors when I sleep. Perhaps this is somehow related to the sneezing...

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