Getting Things Done

Yesterday, we had Easter Lunch with my family, and then headed out to the lake to check out the place where the wedding will be, and decide for sure how much stuff we're going to need to decorate with. I also managed to get 88 of the 100 invitations printed Hurray! Now on to postage, and I have to print the reception cards...not everybody gets one of those. Justin's parents still aren't speaking to us, but we've kind of gotten used to it, and I feel like we made a big step closer yesterday. I took some pictures to commemorate the occasion: This is us at the lake all hot and sweaty and windblown.

And this, is us doing biore pore strips so that we have lovely blackhead free skin on the big day:

I think it's a really cute picture, I'll probably print it off and frame it he he he...

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