Moving Day!

Justin and I are officially packing up the truck and heading west today. Back to Levelland. Ugh. I never thought I'd actually live there again. We've got the apartment all ready, and at about a third of the rent that we pay here, for the same amount of space, I must say, it's quite a bargain. It's also half as much to rent a truck going that direction, than to come here from there. Weird. Anyway, I'm not sure when we'll have internet set up there. Levelland's a stranger to cable internet, so it'll be dial up (horrified scream) or DSL, which I'm somewhat unfamiliar any case, it might be awhile before you hear from me again. (Yes, I know it's been about a month since my last post. Get used to it.)
I'll keep you updated as I can.


Annabel said...

I wish you the best of luck in your move and with everything going on. I will definitely give you a shout when it comes to needing judges for speech tournaments!

Patrick Goodman said...

You will, of course, let your friends know when you've actually arrived and settle down a little, so that they'll stop worrying, right?

Oh, and I remembered that you used to like Bangkok Tokyo. Once Tiff found out that she could eat some types of sushi even while pregnant, I suggested we try there. She says it's the best sushi she's ever had, so we wanted to thank you for a very nice evening.

Patrick Goodman said...

Susan, you're starting to worry some of your friends. We wonder how you're doing. We wonder how the move went. We wonder if you've found new employment. We wonder if you have a new cell phone number. We wonder if you've been eaten by sharks (which, considering how far inland you are, would be kind of a neat trick). You can call us, you know; you should have the cell number handy. Or just drop me an email telling me that you and your sweetie are all right.