Answers for Annabel

Everyone Knows The Rules

1. How did you meet Justin, how long have you been dating and are there any plans to get married? (Yes, I cheated with 3 questions in one)I met Justin the same way all great couples throughout history have met. On the internet. We've been together officially for about 18 months, and before that we were sort of together on and off for about a year. Yes, we will be getting married at some point in the relatively near future. As soon as we figure out how we want to do it, and when we can afford it.

2. You were on an exercise/weight loss kick a while back. How's that going? What's the secret to your success? Ptth. I lost about 11 lbs. (and dropped one and a half sizes) I've since gotten bored with my workout, and can no longer convince myself to get out of bed at the necessary 5:30am. Signing up for an evening Yoga/Tai Chi class next week. I *like* the way I look, and so does Justin, but I do enjoy being one of those people who exercises. Bragging rights and all...

3. What do you love and hate the most about living in the DFW area? I like living in this area for a lot of reasons. Denton specifically, because it's a very artsy, liberal, friendly community. There's always something to do, even if we don't always take advantage of that. Also, it's really beautiful. And the weather is nice. It'll be really really hot soon, but that's what ACs are for. Things bloom here.

4. If you could become famous for doing something that you don't currently do, what would it be? *sigh* I want to be a famous director of plays. I'm not *currently* involved in theatre at all, so that isn't cheating...if I had to choose something new, I guess I'd want to become famous for something political. The first female president perhaps.

5. If you could physically transport yoruself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go? I'd transport myself to October. That way, we'd be past these tight money times, and getting ready for the holidays. Or Greece.


Brinkley said...

uhm.. interview me please!

Annabel said...

Hmmmm... so maybe an online romance is really ok, huh?

Brinkley said...

Ours is amazing so far... I never thought I'd meet anyone so wonderful as susan :)