Someone noticed for the first time (besides Justin, who might be lying to make me feel good), that I've lost weight...or rather, am losing weight. It makes dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 worth it. I'm not sure how much I've lost, as I don't have a scale, but I'm going to try to avoid finding out until my dr.'s appointment on 26 April. That way, I'll have a full two months of killing myself under my belt before I have to face the scale.

In other news, yesterday was not a good day. I didn't get much sleep the night before, so I was just dead tired, and the tinniest thing could push me over the edge and I'd burst into tears. Ridiculous.

AND: Justin's been offered (pretty much) a job as a crossing guard through the city of Denton. It's $600/month for like two hours of work a day. Fabulous. It's not during non-school months, so he'll really get started I guess when school starts again in August, but it's still money that we'll have extra. Yay. Beth's going to remain my roommate through May, so that she doesn't have to move during finals, and that's good, because it's an extra month before I have to start paying a ridiculous amount for rent. Things are looking up.

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Brinkley said...

I don't lie to make you feel good, you really do look amazing!