I went to bed kind of early last night, tired from a long day/week at work. About 4am I heard shouting boys outside. I figured that it was just the guys that live upstairs coming home from an evening at the bar and tried to roll over and go back to sleep. A few minutes later, Justin came into my bedroom looking for my phone to call the police. I asked why and he said that the guys outside were not our neighbors, but a band of about fifteen strange boys running around with a baseball bat and breaking out peoples windows. (House or car, I'm not sure which.) He finally got hold of the police and they had already sent a car out. He told them that the truck they were in was parked in front of my apartment, and gave them a description and license plate number. While he was doing that a boy ran by my bedroom window. He gave the police his description. Sooon there was a police car in our parking lot and they pulled a girl out of the truck that the boys came in. She apparently tried to tell the police that she didn't know the boys and that she was just smoking a cigarette or whatever, but they didn't believe her. The police caught all the boys, except for the one who was actually wielding the bat. They arrested all of them. We think that the bat boy ran around the building and climbed up the apartment above mine. There was banging on their back door and then lots of pacing up there, but we're not totally sure. Anyway, it was scary and weird. We're still not entirely sure what went on and why, but when I go to work on Monday, I'm going to pull up the report and see what it says besides "criminal mischief." It really was the strangest thing ever. There hasn't been this much exictement here since the drug dealers got evicted from upstairs. *shiver*

We also got chocolate, beef jerky and ten dollars in the mail today for Valentine's Day from Justin's parents. And I got some of my Xcel stock to hold onto and cash when I'm ready to make a downpayment on a new car. I'm thinking a Honda Civic or a Nissan Altima. I can get either (2002) for between 11 and 13K. Hurray!

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