Justin had a long night Monday night, and a busy day yesterday, so it makes sense that he'd take an afternoon nap before coming to pick me up at work. Except that he slept through his alarm and my phone calls (boy was *tired*) and I ended up walking most of the way home. He woke up half an hour late and freaked out and rushed to come find me. He picked me up about three and a half blocks from home. (Luckily, 'cause that was the uphill portion of the ride.) I didn't really mind walking. It's mostly sidewalk, so I didn't have to walk on the edge of the street. I needed the exercise (it's almost a two mile walk), and yesterday was a beautiful day. I'd worn my new pink tennis shoes to work, so everything was hunky dory. Until last night.

My right knee decided to take revenge on me for the unexpected work and my back, which had been feeling much better, thanks to lots of visits to Dr. Noell, started aching and hurting and being generally unpleasant. They tag-teamed me!! So this morning everything hurts. I have an appointment at the chiro this afternoon, thank goodness. I know he's going to yell at me though, for overdoing it while I'm still "fragile." *Sigh*

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Brinkley said...

I feel horrible about it... I caused you to hurt :(