Dirty Laundry

Justin and I had the best weekend. We slept late, went for a walk and didn't get snippy with each other at all. I think that it's a sign that we've both managed to destress about money and work and school and take a deep breath.

However, my fantastic weekend came to an abrupt end in the middle of the night last night. I went to bed at 10:30 so I'd be sure to get enough sleep to get me through my first official day of training at work today. Then, at 1:36 I woke up sweaty and smothered, even though at some point, I'd managed to kick off all my blankets. I drag myself out of bed and realize that the heater has been switched on. As far as I'm concerned, the heater should never be switched on here. We live in Denton, not Denver. It's rarely, if ever cold enough for the heater. So, I switched it back to AC, but at a high enough temperature, that the ac didn't actually kick on, and headed back to bed, relieved at having missed being melted. Not two minutes later, I hear Beth's bedroom door open and the tinny *click* of the switch being moved again. I think that my head is going to explode, but instead, I throw myself out of bed and into my robe, flinging my bedroom door open, to find Jeff, Beth's boyfriend standing suspiciously near the thermostat. "Did you turn the heater back on?" (at this point, I'm trying to keep my head from spinning around) He says no, that he just turned it to a neutral 'off,' but that we shouldn't turn the ac on because then "we might as well be sleeping outside." Well it's COMFORTABLE outside. We live in EAST TEXAS. So I'm still mad, but decide that I can live, and head back to bed, turning my fan on 'helicopter' speed.

After a few minutes, I manage to drift off again, and I sleep for about 45 minutes when a clickclickclick whoosh clickclickclick wakes me again. Jeff is doing laundry. Okay...but why does he keep starting the load over and over again? I wait a few minutes, certain that the madness will end, but it doesn't. So again, I drag myself out of bed, furious, because I have to be at work in 5 hours, and open the door. He looks at me and says "the rinse cycle isn't holding any water, it just drains back out, so I'm trying to fix it." I shrug and head back to my room, sure that he'll give up and go to bed soon, but at the same time wondering why on earth he'd choose the middle of the night to start on laundry. The noise doesn't stop. Finally, I can't take it anymore and head upstairs to tattle to Justin. He comes down and apparently Jeff has fixed the washer and is done with that whole mess. At this point, I'm furious and tired and just want to go to sleep. Justin tucks me back in and I drift off. TWENTY minutes laterJeff's at it again, banging the dryer door open and shut. This time I get too mad for confrontation and ignore it until it goes away.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it unreasonable for me to want to sleep between 1:30 and 3:00 am? I'd be more understanding of this if it had happened during an afternoon nap. People should do laundry during the day, sleeping should be done at night, that's fine. Laundry should not be done in the middle of the night!! It's just not the way things are. I know I'm whiny, but this is just about the last straw. I can't wait for Beth to move out. The sooner the better. I've started to really resent that Beth's parents pay her rent and anything else she needs while I had to work all through college. I resent her for sleeping all day and then sleeping some more at night. I resent her for not having the common courtesy to LET ME SLEEP on a MONDAY NIGHT before I have to be at work. I don't know how much longer I can take this. She's moving out in March or April. I just hope I haven't pulled all my hair out by then.

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Anonymous said...

1. i turned on the heater last night because it was 40 degrees in my room. i wasn't aware that you had such strong feelings about the heater.
2. jeff was doing laundry because he found out late that he has a job interview. he thought he could get some new clothes for the interview, but couldn't afford them. all his savings/emergency net is gone.
3. my parents don't pay my rent. or my bills. i borrow money from the government for school, that i will have to pay back when i graduate. i also get some grants. i get a check of whatever is left over after my tuition is paid, and i have to BUDGET it until my next check arrives. the plan was that if i needed help, i would ask jeff, but he doesn't have the extra money we thought he would. my parents can't afford to help me out. if i have car trouble or something, they do what they can. but mostly, they support me emotionally.
4. a lot of the time you think i'm sleeping, i'm not. i'm awake, and doing whatever (reading, writing, meditating), just in my room with the door closed. i've also had migraines recently because of the new meds, and i do better if it's dark and quiet.
5. i would move out ealier if i had a place to go and could trust you'd pay the rent on time, but my name is on that lease too.

sorry you got so upset last night. i'll tell jeff to be quieter in the future. or you could, instead of posting about it in your blog.